Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Smoke

The Green Smoke e cigarette provides you with an enhanced smoking sensation and it is truly a realistic experience. This is often good when your attempting to get away from the disadvantages of more traditional cigarettes. What's neat is it really looks just like an actual cigarette as well as you utilize it just like you use a traditional cigarette. Just take a drag and enjoy.


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The taste of Green Smoke's tobacco flavors are similar to the taste of traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you would like to find specific flavors, they provide a number of other flavors that are not available with standard cigarettes. Their cartomizers give thick, rich flavor and incredibly high smoke volume. Some people who've experimented with and switched to electronic cigarettes say that they prefer the taste of electronic cigarette flavors over conventional cigarettes.

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette will provide you with a great deal of benefits which you simply don't get from regular cigarettes. E cigs are really easy to utilize and maintain. Unlike standard cigarettes, that after you light it you are forced to smoke the entire cigarette or toss away the portion that you don't smoke, with e-cigs you've got the option to merely take just a few puffs and, should you want, put it away without waste. With Green Smoke's two piece design, all that you do is screw the cartomizer on to the battery and then your all set to go. As soon as the juice inside the is used up, all you need to do is change it with a fresh one. E-cigs could be smoked in various places where normal cigarettes are not allowed. There's no need to go outside to smoke with e-cigs which really can be helpful when it's cold or raining. This can certainly also be great if you are living anywhere it gets very hot. With e cigarettes there is no ash or cigarette butts and no need for stinky ashtrays. E-cigs do not leave bad cigarette smells on your cloths, in your house, in your car, or on your breath. With e-cigarettes you don't need to be concerned about harmful tar and second hand smoke. Also you won't need to worry about the danger of fire that can be a consequence of the burning of normal cigarettes. As with many e-cigarette manufactures, Green Smoke gives a variety of nicotine strengths as well as 0 % nicotine. This lets you, if you wish, step down in nicotine strengths till you get to zero nicotine.

Green Smoke e-cigs are of the highest quality. Their new flavor max cartomizers give you approximately 360 puffs, about the same as a pack or more of standard cigarettes. With their two piece design you'll get a fresh atomizer in every cartridge.  Their batteries are definitely the most dependable on the market, and they are protected by a twelve month warranty. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee in the event that you're not satisfied with your purchase. Their support services are the best within the industry. They are always willing to assist and have several choices to contact them.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes may be a little more expensive when compared to various other e cig manufacturers but the high quality of their products means it is well worth the money. Because the cost of regular cigarettes is usually above $5 dollars or maybe more a pack, Green Smoke e-cigs provide substantial savings because their cartomizers are priced at approximately $3 dollars each and each one is comparable to a pack or more of traditional cigarettes. Just simply browse the reviews and it's easy to understand that people are satisfied with Green Smoke products.

If you would like to try e-cigs for the first time, Green Smoke is an excellent choice.

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